Thursday, July 03, 2008

Jonathan, Jonathan

I talked to Jillian on Tuesday and I said, "I just saw Jonathan Richman last night." She responded, "Every time I talk to you, you just saw Jonathan Richman last night."

Of course it isn't true. I've only seen him live three times, and the first time Jillian was sitting beside me when he opened for the 2001 Belle and Sebastian concert in Vancouver.

The show was amazing, as always. Michael, Bex and I left beaming, even though the last song was about his mother's death and I cried a little bit. Overall, he was in a great mood and I think he loved us. I want a copy of his new song about cell phones:

When I'm on the beach, I'm on the beach. No you can't call me there.

Maybe you need to hear it? I can't find it anywhere, but I'll let you know when I do.

Some of you may not know who I'm talking about, so I've attached a clip from a 2007 concert, which most resembles the show I just saw. He played this song for us too, as I expected. It was good.

Tommy (the drummer) was wearing white jeans at our show. They were hot.


Lydia said...

That is seriously the same title I was going to use for my show review. THE SAME ONE!!!!!

I am pretty sure I saw Tommy eating fish and chips on Denman St on Canada Day. I'm not positive, but I think. I loved the cell phone song too.

Erin Riley said...

Did you sing the title to yourself when you read it? That's what I did as I wrote it...