Wednesday, July 16, 2008

(Not) making jam

I've been busy getting ready for my trip to San Francisco for Blogher '08 (which included making business cards), so I haven't been doing too much crafting or baking. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the fruits of other people's labour. Right? Right.

Things are growing here on Vancouver Island, and ambitious people - including some of my buddies - are making jam out of those things. I'm impressed. Based on a very complex DIY algorithm, I'm at least a few years away from making jam.

Since I'm not making my own jam, I need to buy my goods; the gems pictured above came from the Saturday market a few blocks from my house. I haven't tried the strawberry & basil yet, but Michael and I can both promise you that the rhubarb & vanilla bean is devine. Make note, ambitious buddies!


Jen said...

That woman has some excellent moves...I mostly go for her non-jams; her chutneys and pickled mangoes. Both sooooooo delicious.

Next time I make apricot jam you should watch and I will seduce you with the ease and fun of the process and the ridiculous results!

Consider this comment a prelude to a guest post!

Robin said...

Yum. The rhubarb/vanilla is excellent. I've been saving one last serving for a special day, though maybe I just need to buy another jar. As far as the strawberry/basil goes, I haven't tried it, but I have been eating that combination with brie in sandwiches with alarming frequency of late.

Scribbit said...

Oh I LOVE rhubarb jam--big favorite here.

Lydia said...

I got all excited about the rhubarb jam, and then Robin's comment got me thinking about eating the strawberry basil jam with brie and I got REALLY excited. OMG, I think we'll be there on a Saturday...I hope it's still on in September.