Monday, July 21, 2008

Vitamin D, yo

Friends, I hope you're taking your Vitamin D, even during these sunny summer months. In power of vitamin D, hope for a new disease fighter captures some of the good things that science has been uncovering about the vitamin, including positive results for MS treatment and prevention, and cursory research uncovers even more good news. Take your vitamins!

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Anonymous said...

Yep, I too have been reading the positive news about Vitamin D. And god knows I love being out in the sun and getting a bit of a tan!

I'm always confused by these articles though and how the research findings actually relate to our everyday life. Is taking a Vitamin D supplement that I buy at the drugstore the same as the "active Vitamin D" given to those mice with MS? I am very wary of pharmacy vitamins - who the heck knows that are in those things and how do I know it just doesn't all come out in my pee? And it seems that a couple of years after a vitamin or mineral is dubbed the hot new cure-all (remember when every one was taking Vitamin E or garlic or echinaeca?) more research comes out either reversing the original opinion or saying to lower your dosage, or it only works if you get it from a certain source, etc. Plus there is little evidence that says taking vitamins in supplement form does anything considerably positive for our health, while getting vitamins from food has been proven to have positive results.

I guess you can't get Vitamin D from food (am I right on that?) so it's a tricky one. And we live in Canada. But somehow I doubt a bottle of Life Brand Vitamin D is the answer. I guess we should all move somewhere on the equator so it is sunny all the time!

Erin C.