Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Making photography improvements

I'm not sure who I expected to attend Blogher '08, but I was surprised and disappointed by the scant crafter presence. Other people, like Aurora from Foxy Art Studio, were confused too.

Even so, I learned a few blogging tricks at the conference, and I was inspired by one session in particular: Photography with Me Ra Koh. The 10 tips that she outlined were directed at SLR cameras, but I still learned a lot. I'm not going to run out and buy an SLR tomorrow, like somebody I know, but I'm thinking of investing in an external flash. Our Canon Powershot G3 also has some manual capabilities, so I can experiment with some of the other suggestions before I invest too much money.

This post might have fit in a bit better over at Tentative Plans, but my photos are front and centre on this site, so what the hey. I took the above photo while walking to Tartine with my sister. And yes, I do like you.


Owlhaven said...

Nice to meet you at BlogHer!

Mary, mom to 10

zoe said...

I would just buy an external flash, but there's no spot to attach it to my camera. poor me. must go shopping.

Annie said...

I was disappointed by the scant crafter presence too. It made me think of something Sarah of "Que Sera Sera" said when we were talking about the blogs we read and we hadn't heard of each other's favorites. We all think that we read the most popular and best blogs, and we assume everyone has heard of them, but the fact is that there are so many subjects and so many blogs, that it's really just like grains of sand or a galaxy. We all have our faves, but very few are so well known that everyone has heard of them. In fact that position is possibly held only by Dooce, and possibly Design Sponge.