Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Making window transfers

I've been wanting to make this craft for ages, but I stalled because I thought I would have to make my own paint. I should have known that you can buy anything these days. Thanks to a tip from a friend, I found out that my local craft store has tubes of window transfer paint called Arti'sticks by the company Pebeo. Google tells me you can buy these paints at any number of online stores.

Once you have your supplies, pick a simple design. This bird appears on a bag that I bought at the Richmond Night Market. I sketched it onto some paper and placed it under a transparent plastic sheet (I bought a set made by Pebeo, but I bet you could use something like wax paper). I used black paint to outline the design and let it dry overnight.

I filled the bird with my favourite colour yesterday. I laid the paint on a little thick so the shape will be more likely to hold up when transferred to a window. It took more than 24 hours to dry completely, and there were some tiny air bubbles that I couldn't see when the paint was wet. I'm not sure how to avoid those next time around. Any ideas?


Jen said...

Not sure about the bubbles, but how do you get it onto the window? I like your other looks nice floating over your plants and books!

robyn. said...

when i inherited my classroom i also inherited some lovely window transfers that were basically transparent they had been up so long. i finally scrapped them all off this year and spent weeks making new ones - never the best idea when little children are around. i found that if i really got in there with the paint bottle nib and squidged around the paint as i went, it reduced the amount of air bubbles in the final piece.

i like this bird flock have pride of place in my backyard window. thanks buddy!

kawaii crafter said...

what a great tutorial, I'll have to look for that special craft paint at the next trip to the craft store

it was nice meeting you at BlogHer08


Erin said...

Jen, you tenderly peel the dry transfer off the paper and place on a window (or vase or mirror or whatever).

Thanks Jessica!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! And not hard sounding...I thought it had to be tricky in some way!