Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camaraderie in San Francisco

This last weekend was more relaxing than my previous weekend in San Francisco. Let's face facts: the crowds at Luminara couldn't match the nervous energy generated by 1,000 female bloggers. Especially when they are waiting for the royal address from the Queen of Blogging, herself.

I've struggled to capture the intensity of my conference weekend, both in person and on my blogs, and I'm pretty sure I can't do it. Instead, I want to say a few words about camaraderie and leave it at that.

I benefited from being surrounded by women who blog. I don't have a lot in common with many of the bloggers I met, but it didn't matter. I was inspired, and - good news - my desire to maintain my blogs has been reinforced. Also, the number of the business-types lurking around the edges of the conference, while annoying, convinced me that some blogs, if not this one, continue to be a notable force.

Then there was the fun times with bloggers that I already know. Zoe said some nice things about the conference and traveling with the baby, and I totally accept her apology about the airport debacle. Brie was at the conference too, and we teamed up for meals and some fantastic sessions. Also, she made me sign up for a free massage, and I'll never be able to thank her enough. Lydia and Sarah went to the Blogher cocktail parties, but mostly they just went to San Francisco. I wish I could have seen them more, but with a big holiday around the corner, I coudn't join in on their extended stay in San Francisco. No matter. Spending time with my real-life buddies in the United States was pretty special.

Finally, I was so happy to spend time Shannon and Chris and their friend Floor in the evenings, even though I was a little burnt-out and nutty. They are learning how to cook healthy food, and they fed Zoe and I well.

In the end, there were good, supportive feelings all around, and that's why I'm really glad I decided to take a trip to San Francisco.


sarah said...

I really wish that I could have gone to the actual conference with you guys! If only I had known about the not checking student ID. It was still really amazing just hanging out at the parties knowing that you have something in common with every single person there. I can't say I've ever felt that before. It was quite comforting. And of course, it's always fun hanging out with you ladies!

brie said...

Very succinct...unlike my long, rambling, jam-packed posts.

I had so much fun! It's so great seeing people you know from your "real life" in different areas of the world.

The conference had a positive effect on me, too. Maybe too positive. I've been blogging like a lunatic since I got home.

Erin said...

Brie, I loved all of your Blogher posts! Keep blogging like a lunatic!

brie said...

I think I'm mostly done with blogging about the conference, but I have a couple more reflective posts in the works. If only I could figure out a way for my blog to play some type of ambient rainforest sounds for people to listen to while they reflect on my reflections.