Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jet setter

I took the float plane to Vancouver again, this time for work. Michael calls me a jet setter, but Wikipedia tells me he is using the term incorrectly:

Jet set is a journalistic term that was used to describe an international social group of wealthy people, organizing and participating in social activities all around the world that are unreachable to ordinary people. The term, which replaced café society, came from the lifestyle of travelling from one stylish or exotic place to another via jet airplanes.

I don’t consider working at Canada Place exotic nor do I consider a float plane a jet airplane.

While it wasn’t stylish, my Saturday shift wasn’t too bad because I got to catch up with Lydia, who joined me at my booth for an hour before we shared a sandwich and a brief foray at H&M.

This is us commemorating the departure of the cruise set.


robyn. said...

looking good ladies.

brie said...

Did you buy anything at H&M? I'm too scared of the throngs of people to check it out yet. But if there are things worth buying I may consider risking life and limb.

Lydia said...

It's not too bad if you go during normal work hours. Or after work even. I've already bought a few shirts and a bag. I was going to avoid it the first month, but gave in to temptation.

Anonymous said...

I thought cafe society referred to cultures that hadn't yet embraced the concept of coffee to go. I was in Spain recently and apart from Barcelona and Madrid (and there only very rarely) you could NOT get coffee to go. Coffee comes in a cup and you drink it at the counter or at your table. I thought the whole chilling with your coffee at the cafe was cafe society. Perhaps I am wrong. Or WIKIPEDIA is wrong!!! That's right, dear readers - it could be wrong!

Erin C.