Thursday, August 31, 2006

Laughing and crying are the same thing

While Michael and I were waiting for Raissa and Imti to arrive on Tuesday, we were looking at videos on this website. We couldn't resist watching the one called Panda Sneeze, and since then I've watched it twenty times. I laughed so hard I cried, and I can't really explain why. I told Raissa and Imti about it yesterday, and while they agreed that a panda sneezing and scaring his panda mom might be funny, I wasn't impressed with their level of interest. I knew their ambivalence might have something to do with my inability to describe the comedic quality of the video, so I sat them down in front of the computer when we got home. I was nervous that I had hyped it up - that maybe we found it funny the other night because we were tired and would have laughed and cried at anything, but they confirmed our initial reaction and more tears were shed. Then Raissa and Imti upped the ante and started acting out the sneeze reflex. That's worth videotaping itself.


Anonymous said...

i'm afraid once you start school you won't be able to entertain us anymore with your cute antics and sweet thoughts. please, if it takes no sleep and a steady intake of caffeine pills, keep up the good work.

jillian "living the dream in the nwt" dickens

Anonymous said...

My Japanese friends loved the panda. Meow!