Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Duck Lake


brie said...

I'm pretty sure that I've been there! It would have been in 1991 or 1992. We drove to Saskatchewan to place a plaque on the island named after my grandpa's brother who died in WWII. It's in Lac LaRonge! Anyhow, I have a feeling we went through Duck Lake. Is there a small museum?

Erin Riley said...

Yes, there is a museum! Michael and I would have liked to fit it in, along with a side trip to Batoche - to learn all about Louis Riel and what have you, but we didn't have time. We did made tentative plans to buy the Louis Riel comic book to educate ourselves about the whole Riel Rebellion - has anyone read it?

Since you went through Duck Lake, you also went through Michael's home city: Prince Albert. Not too many people have had the opportunity, Brie.

Another interesting, semi-related item is that I lived north of La Ronge while in kindergarten - my dad was teaching on a reserve on Reindeer Lake. It's up there (but not as far north as Iqaluit, right Jillian?).

Anonymous said...

I've driven through Duck Lake about a million times, but I've never actually stopped to see what all the fuss was about. I have been to La Ronge and Batoche though, and loads of other little prairie towns.

You know, it's funny to have been born and raised right in the middle of the prairies, but to consider myself to be the polar opposite of a prairie boy. Do you and Michael consider yourselves to be prairie kids?

Anonymous said...

yes, iqaluit is further north than reindeer lake. does that make it better?

how do you put photos on this thing?

when are you coming home?

i want to talk about champagne birthdays. please, those of you who haven't already missed it, be aware of your champagne birthday. it's when you turn the same age as the day of the month you were born. for example (and this is purely hypothetical) if you were born on november 27 then when you turn 27 that would be your champagne birthday. a day to drink copious amounts of bubbly and say things like "it's the crystaaal! the crystaaal!" do you guys know that reference? i probably have it wrong.

Erin Riley said...

i'm already back in victoria, jillian. you and your chamapagne birthdays. everyone i know passed theirs without ackowleding it. maybe because you made it up.

imti, i don't consider myself a prairie kid, except when i meet other prairie kids out west and we can reminisce. i'm a nostalgic kid at heart.

Anonymous said...

My champagne birthday was 13 years ago. I knew it was my champagne birthday, yet did nothing special to celebrate. Had I been the heavy drinker that I am now, it would have been crazy fun.

Lydia said...

I was 11 when I had my champagne birthday, so I was unaware that I was entitled to bubbly. The only person I knew who did anything about it was a rather self-absorbed girl who just talked about it a lot.

Anonymous said...

lydia! who is this girl? i should contact her. we would probably get along.

i had a champagne experience once. it involved shrimp and a silver tiered platter. i drank to my heart's content (strange saying, now that i see it written) and woke sans hangover.

when people don't reply to certain questions in posts, does that mean they don't care or don't know? the reference to crystaaal! was from the movie four rooms. and i still don't know how to put a picture on this thing. you guys all act like you have work to do or something. jeeez.

erin, i would never make something like that up, mainly because i lack the brain-power. i chose a hyphen, but i thought about making it one word. brainpower. those questions are the things my brain-power allows me to contemplate.