Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Wedding number one

Marla and Ben's wedding was, for me, part wedding, part high school reunion and part drunken photo shoot. I graduated with all those kids in the top photo, and even though that particular photo is sort of blurry, maybe due to the drinks consumed by a certain Michael Bowen, I just love how Erin Coulter is getting down! I look pretty sassy myself, and that doesn't hurt. The following chandelier photos illustrate our photo theme for the evening; they got progressively worse as the night wore on, which is why they aren't all posted here. The first one of Janis, Marla's bridesmaid and one of my favorite ladies, is the one that started it all. Michael took that photo too, but I also took many photos during our vacation (the best of which I'll post over the next couple of days). I'm fulfilling one of my original tentative plans! However, I failed miserably in my goal to make perogies before my trip home. That plan was hard to fulfill since I'm not supposed to eat wheat anymore.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous dress, erin! i'm not drunk, but i can appreciate the fun you were having from the tipsy photos. looks like a great wedding!

Anonymous said...

Thanks kiddo, I know you put that one of on there for me. I love that you and I are the only ones that are really feeling the "photo shoot" vibe of it. We look divine! Erin

robyn. said...

i find that a little drunkenness can actually enhance one's photographic skills. and i have to say that those photos have drama, impact, and interest. i like 'em!

and don't you look like a sexy beast? i can't remember the last time i saw you with a hint of clevage. that's probably as we haven't lived in the same city for about 10 years....but still...you look hot!