Thursday, September 07, 2006

Visiting hours are over

The last of our summer guests left today and I'm trying to adjust to university once again. I feel drained. My stomach is still on the fritz and I miss all of my buddies who came to visit over the summer. Shannon! Jillian! Mom! Dad! Stephen! Averil! Brie! Imti! Raissa! Lydia! Why don't you all live here? Don't you like Victoria? Don't you want to come over for some apple crisp tonight? Don't plan on sleeping over, though, because Michael and I are excited to sleep with our door open tonight.

P.S. Thanks for loaning us your futon, Jillian. It's been well used.

P.P.S. West Jet tried to call me regarding the letter I sent, but I wasn't home and they haven't tried again. I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Hey Erin,
Yes, summer is over and it's sad. I'm more of a fall winter spring kind of lady, so I'm not exactly crushed. This weekend I'm jumping right into my usual fall activities: cooking, baking, and watching movies. I already broke out my fall clothes. Fall is so gorgeous here (you'll realize this when you and Michael move to Ottawa) that I wish it was never over! There, I've said my bit for fall. Or autumn, as some say. But not me. Except I did. Love, Erin

brie said...

Erin! I will be in Victoria the last weekend of September. Let's do lunch. I'm bringing a friend...but you'll like her...'cos she's cool...LIKE US!!!

Mmmm, still enjoying Daidoco.

imtiaz said...

Thanks, Jillian, for the futon. Loved every minute of drunken sleep on it. And thank you so much to Erin and Michael for putting up with Raissa (and me) and for being the near-perfect host and hostess. I had a fantastic time. Love you and miss you.

jillian said...

imtiaz: i can't believe you got drunk with those two. i thought they were pure and sweet and nothing else.

that futon has had plenty of use, with little wear and tear. i mean, i bought it when i was 18 ... it must be made of magical materials.

i don't know what else to add to this message.

i brought one of those medicine balls into work today. i'm sitting on it now, hoping my bum isn't showing.

please, enjoy your days.

Erin said...

aren't medicine balls those heavy basketball-size balls that boxers throw around in the gym? i hope you didn't bring that to the office! what would people think? are you sitting on a good old exercise ball?

jillian said...

yeah smarty, it's an exercise ball.