Monday, September 11, 2006

Flower? Jellyfish? Spacecraft?

Many of the pictures that I've posted on this site were taken by Michael, but as you know I've been trying to take more photos too. I took this one on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Fuschias! I love these. Nice photo, too. Colours!

You can eat those little fruits that show up after the flowers. I can see one in this shot and I want to pick it. They taste sort of appley.

Anonymous said...

that photo is easy on the eyes. and speaking of eyes, this person we'll call kuujjuaq bob took some photos of my eyes close up. it hit home the fact i don't really have eyelashes to speak of. it seems many people i know have outstanding eyes complete with eyelashes that extend outward for inches and inches. if you are one of these people, make sure you do not take it for granted because not everyone is so fortunate. and this isn't just a vanity issue (although it is mainly so) but it is a practical issue too. think about rain, for example. rain is a reality of life for many. when it rains you count on your eyelashes to protect your eyes from the little droplets of evil. well, if you are ill-equipped like me, you find yourself in a rainstorm looking like a crazy person with your hands clasped over your eyeballs, protecting them from the horrific fate of...wet eyes.

just a thought. just a thought.