Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The office

I'm slowly adding personal touches to my office. The squirrel is the latest addition. I bought it for $3 at a church rummage sale that takes place near my work every Friday. I suspect it's meant to hold walnuts, but I'm using for things like hand lotion and lip gloss. One of my coworkers tripped out when she saw it because her grandma used to have the same container.

I was recently commenting to a friend about how small details can often pull a whole room together. That squirrel is certainly working his magic in my office. On a similar note, I need to take a photo of the bear lamp that has helped me reconnect with my bedroom. I seem to have a fondness for wildlife decor these days.


Linda said...

Okay, but what's next -- a moose antler coat rack?

Erin said...

Well that's just gross.

Anonymous said...

My Uncle Rob had a zebra coffee table that he bought at a garage sale. Yep, three REAL zebra legs (hooves and all) and a drum top covered in zebra hide. Ewwwww. His wife took one look at it and it was out on the curb in a flash.

Making one's work space is very important; we are at work all day! I have a world map, cool perpetual calender, nice mug and a vase of silk flowers. I also threw out every single piece of paper that belonged to former occupants and any extraneous desk accessories. It's quite zen!

Erin C.