Thursday, June 04, 2009

More photoshop projects

I have a new blog banner (for those of you reading me on your RSS feed)! That other one was driving me insane, so insane that I couldn't make myself fix it for months. After some begging and gnashing of teeth, Michael has tentative plans to make me a new one that will feature some thought bubbles, but I figured that I needed something to carry me over. I can handle making an interim banner, yo.

I just wrote about our wedding invitations, another Photoshop project, at Things Worth Making. It's a computer project kind of day, I guess.


Lydia said...

Re: your tweet on pyrex lunch containers: I am OBSESSED with getting a set from Costco. That is all.

Erin Riley said...

Lydia, my mom got us the set from Costco, but I noticed you can buy singles at London Drugs.

Sarah said...

I found a bunch of sets at Home Hardware, too. (Not like that is especially common in the city, but just in case...)