Thursday, October 02, 2008

Making it ok to eat two cookies at once

You may have noticed that I have a blog crush on Inside a Black Apple. Strangely, the focus of my attention is on her edible projects, not her art projects (for which she is more than a little famous). I like that she takes time to make decadent treats for herself, and I like her taste, so it's easy to see what I keep going back for more.

On Sunday, I searched her Food and Drink archives for a cookie recipe, and I found photos of peanut butter cookie sandwiches from this Cottage Living recipe. They were as good as they look in the photo, above. I thought that the peanut butter icing might be a bit much, but it's not the case. But then again, I only ate two of the sandwiches in the end, because my new plan of action is to make decadent treats so I can have one (or two) and give the rest away.


Jen said...

Delicious. Cream cheese + peanut butter.


Lydia said...

That's like the nutter butter I had from Bouchon Bakery. I had one like that at Butter too. Have you made your own ice cream sandwiches with cookies? That's my favourite. (Like, once a year, I swear.)

Erin said...

I've never tried ice cream sandwiches because it seems like such a messy project/treat. Do you eat yours like a sandwich or do you just put it in a bowl?