Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Knitting a scarf

I've been knitting. I didn't finish a single knitting project last year, so I bought beautiful wool to help myself succeed this time around.

This is what my scarf looks like so far:

It'll be a lacy scarf, like one I made for my mom two years ago (knit one, yarn over, knit two together). I'm not going to try anything new until I get through a simple scarf. In fact, I may stick to scarves for the rest of my life. I figure I can wrap scarves around my body if I ever have to clothe myself with my knitting skills. Right?

Are you wondering about that pink piece of yarn, threaded through my project? It's a place holder, just in case I screw up the simple pattern and don't want to start from square one. It has already come in handy, friends. Do you remember teaching me that trick, Sarah? Thanks!


Zoe said...

I love scarves (or is it scarfs?) for peaceful, thoughtful, day-dreamy knitting. Totally unthinking knitting. You know what is also really good for that? Dish cloths. And you end up with something functional super quick. Awesome.

robyn. said...

can someone teach me the place holder trick? i'm about to embark on a rather large (yet not too difficult) knitting project.

Erin said...

The place holder trick: thread a piece of coloured yarn along side the needle that your knitting is on, then continue knitting as per usual (being careful to leave the place holder alone). If you make a mistake, unravel your knitting to the coloured yarn, and thread the needle through. Start again.

Does that make sense? I move my place holder up every time I finish a significant amount of knitting.

robyn. said...

that totally makes sense. i figured it was something like that, but wasn't quite sure.


and remind me of the trick of this lacy you need to end every row with a 'knit 2 together' or a 'knit one'? i remember having this discussion with you a couple years ago...this is the same pattern ananda was making into a beautiful shawl wasn't it?

Erin said...

Yes, end every row with "knit two together." Also, remember to cast on a number of stitches divisible by 3. I went with 30.

This post and these comments really prove my position as an amateur knitter. I'm not familiar with the knitting lexicon, so thanks for your patience.