Monday, March 31, 2008

Dance party procrastination

This is my last week of university classes! I have some assignments due next week and an exam the following week, but things are winding down and the end is in sight. Mini dance parties are helping me cope with the stress. My music of choice? Neon Neon! The latest project by Gruff Rhys! Listen to Raquel if you want to dance around your computer like me. Then read what Pitchfork has to say about Neon Neon. You should know that their debut album, Stainless Style, is based on the life of John Delorean (you know: the guy who designed the time traveling car in Back to the Future).

When I'm not doing homework, applying for jobs or dancing, I'm watching dance crews on TV. Michael and I just finished watching America's Best Dance Crew. My favorite crew was Kaba Modern, but my favorite dance routine is the one posted here. I'm not a fan of the JabbaWockeeZ masks, nor is this my favorite Michael Jackson song, but wow. They were Michael's favorite dance crew, for the record.

UPDATE: The video is no longer available on YouTube do to Viacom copyright blah blah blah, and the American MTV website won't show videos to people outside of the US, so you'll have to watch these two little dudes doing the routine instead. I think you'll get the drift.


brie said...

I'm really enjoying Neon Neon...but as fond as I am of Gruff's voice, it's not always suited to the synth pop of this project. Still, it's fun and I like it!

Anonymous said...

i thought this was going to be about the overall delays in having a dance party in our neighbourhood, so i'm happy to hear you've been having personal-sized dance parties in the meantime!

sarah said...

that video makes me want to have children just so i can watch them dance around the living room wearing white MJ gloves. oh, that's good stuff.