Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Making plans for a log cabin pillow

I've been scheming about making a log cabin pillow for years, but it looks like it's finally going to happen. I bought some material at a sewing and crafts show last weekend, and I can't put it off any longer. Actually, I can. I just read this post from Whip Up, and the author suggests I use five to ten fabrics for my pillow. I only have four.

I'll still do it though, because my buddy Jen is on my team. Once I top up my fabrics, and once my school projects are done for the semester, we'll spend a Sunday afternoon together seeing my tentative plans through. Right, Jen? I need your quilting knowledge to keep me inspired.

I expect the final product to look something like this pillow by Dacia Ray (mostly because I plan to use her instructions). And then there's all of the pillows on this photo set on Flickr. I expect I won't be satisfied with just one pillow.


robyn. said...

ambitious! i can't wait to see the finished product! my aunt is a wonderfully crafty lady and she inspired me to try my hand at quilting when i was teenager. it drove me insane even though it was a small blanket that would only cover a baby. but i think i was just too young to appreciate what i was doing. i did produced a great quilt though....i bet i could turn it into a pillow.

your blog inspires me greatly, i love it! i wish i was there to spend sunday afternoons crafting it up with you.

Jen said...

Right! In my short time with quilting, I've come to see the value of a hot iron and a bit of attention to have access to both of these, so your pillow is going to be a treat!

We could maybe do this project over a few days, since there's planning, and then there's EXECUTION! Fun!

sarah said...

i love log cabin blocks in a mathematical/pseudo-spiritual way. they've got all the lines-- vertical, horizontal, diagonal! there are so many possible effects, just from fabric matching and contrast. it thrills me, in the way of other complete little systems. i am excited to see what you make!

i hear that log cabins are kind of the quilting equivalent of knitting cables-- they look really impressive but they're kind of foolproof to make. i guess because you don't have to match any seams? i like these secret weapon types of crafts. i hope it is true, and the rewards for your efforts are vastly oversized! it would be so fun!