Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making an encouraging banner

Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher told me to make an encouraging banner, so I did. I mean, they encouraged me to make one through their website Learning to Love You More:

"Participants [of Learning to Love You More] accept an assignment, complete it by following the simple but specific instructions, send in the required report, and see their work posted online. Like a recipe, meditation practice, or familiar song, the prescriptive nature of these assignments is intended to guide people towards their own experience."

Assignment #63 instructs participants to make an encouraging banner. I didn't follow the exact instructions, which is why I never submitted a picture to the website. Which is why I'm telling you about it instead. I think it would make a nice present.

This is what it looks like all together (when you see it in real life you can see the letters on the cards, trust me):

Instead of cutting out letters and gluing them to big pieces of construction paper, like I was supposed to and like everyone else did, I wrote on some cute paper from Urban Source (a shop in Vancouver that sells reclaimed craft supplies), and I taped the individual letters to a piece of yarn. Sometimes we need to be reminded to take a break from the computer. You know?

Now I want to make one for public display, and maybe I'll follow the rules this time.


sarah said...

very cute! the green blanks look soothing. i am big fan of encouraging banners and signs. that is how we ended up with that "what happens when you get too far from your house?" sign on the back of our door. things got out of hand.

Erin said...

We have a sign on the back of our door that expresses the same sentiment, except it says "BACK THAT ASS UP." People interpret it differently though.

sarah said...

ha ha. i love that sign at your house. random profanity! a+!