Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Tentative plans for sewing

I just wrote about my latest sewing project on Things Worth Making. By "latest" I mean the first one I've tackled in a couple of years. My sewing machine was dusty, and the lady at Gala Fabrics gave me heck for not servicing it before embarking on this project. A new tentative plan! I also have plans to get my scissors sharpened.

Remember how I planned to write about Cadbury Creme Egg controversies? That's going to happen soon! I have one British and one Canadian egg sitting on a shelf, waiting for an official taste comparison. I can't believe I've held off on gobbling them up this long.


Anonymous said...

You are a strong woman to resist the sugary-eggy-love of the Cadbury egg. I bet the British one is better.

Good on you for getting back into sewing. Just this morning on the bus I was thinking how cool and yet quaint it is that we learned how to sew in high school. Do kids still get to learn that?

robyn. said...

definitely tell me about your cream egg experiment. i know that the mini eggs are better over in england...but i'm unsure of the cream eggs. i have my suspicions though.

brie said...

I recall buying myself a UK Cadbury egg from the British sweet shop in Victoria...and that it was WAY creamier than the ones we have.

I love Mini Eggs and think that they are near perfect---Robyn's assertion that the UK ones are better (and I don't doubt it) make me want to fly over RIGHT NOW and live in complete bliss.

Anonymous said...

The British ones will also probably have a less weird chocolate! Not that that has ever stopped me from grabbing that little handful of goodness before! From Mac's! Or wherever!

The lady at Gala Fabrics! Ha! I've made a whole quilt on a machine that NEEDS a service. KNOCK ON WOOD. When you go, let me know...maybe we can carpool our little ladies to The Shop!