Thursday, October 15, 2009


Michael and I got a little obsessed with this puzzle a few weeks back. It was so satisfying! Now we have no idea what to do with it. I know that we should just take it apart and start a new one (like, maybe this one), but I can't bear to do it. For the time being it's on the floor in front of our TV -- a natural place for a puzzle.

I really enjoy jigsaw puzzles, even though I've only worked on a few in my day. It seems like such a fuddy-duddy activity, but it is really addictive AND it's good for your brain.

We saw this painting -- The Birth of Venus -- when we were in Florence. Examining the details of the painting as we put the small pieces together was so satisfying, and we found ourselves doing research about Botticelli as we made progress -- wonderful side benefits to the puzzle-making!


brie said...

I like puzzles. It's too bad that Sean and have so much stuff that there isn't really room to do one! I need to make a tentative plan to keep at least one flat surface in our apartment clean.

Erin Riley said...

Yeah, puzzles definitely take space. This one lived on our kitchen table for a couple of weeks. We put some brown parcel paper down first, so we could move it in a pinch. You would probably get some use out of one of these storage systems.

brie said...


brie said...

Also, I've been reading a book called "Life: A User's Manual" and parts of it revolve around puzzle making. It's quite interesting and the book really sucks you in. It all takes place in one apartment building in Paris.