Monday, March 23, 2009

Guest post: Making A Good Start

This weekend I joined Marc's mom and went to my third Sewing and Quilt Show. It seemed a little mellower than in years past (in years past it has felt a little frantic). I felt that this year I actually had a perspective about it all, which was fun. Since last year, I have either finished or made good progress on 4 quilts. I have some idea of what I'm able to handle, ambition-wise, and my purchases reflected that I think. I resisted a few things, for example, whose novelty might have swayed me before. I am wise to your seduction, triangles and cute pins!
I have about 12 hours left of hand quilting on my mom's quilt, but I can't resist starting on this one. About 90% of the fabric I bought this weekend was pink with flowers. I thought that was funny.

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