Monday, March 16, 2009

Making an embroidered gift with due process

This is my artistic process for embroidery (I don't recommend it):

I remember that I like emboridering things. I decide to make someone a gift with a simple design on it. I start embroidering a tea towel or something else that I have on hand. I get carried away with all sorts of intricate possibilities. I get overwhelmed. I delay. I realize I only gave myself a half hour to finish the project before giving it away. I finish the project while Michael waits for me at the door. I spray the project with water so the lines from the embroidery hoop might go away before I hand it over. I hope the fabric dries in time. I don't wrap the gift so it might dry in time. I get bummed out that I didn't make something more intricate. I think about that one wonky detail (damn you, blue heart). I give the embroidery project away. I realize that even though it's simple and wonky, it's still cute. Usually I forget to take a photo at this point, but this time around the recipient had some fun props that I couldn't resist (Happy Birthday Zoe!).

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