Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blame Twitter

Hello! I haven't written for a while. There are a few reasons for the silence, but the main reason is Twitter. I joined last week, and it's distracting me.

Before I continue, does everyone know what Twitter is? Read this article if you don't know, or if you want some tips on using Twitter: Making the most of Twitter

I joined for a few reasons. First, Zoe T asked me what Twitter was, and while I sort of knew, I thought that I should probably have a better understanding before I answered her; I also felt that I should be more aware of Internet trends, given my web-based job and my blog and all. Then Jillian told me she joined because she wants to dabble in experimental promotion opportunities related to her job. Then there's Sarah, who has been twittering very successfully for a while now, and Brie, who just joined. So really, I just had to do it. Also, Amr has been twittering, and since he isn't on Facebook, I have extra incentive to stick with it.

I also like writing, and I really like being creative within constraints. If 140 characters isn't a constraint, I don't know what is.

You'll be able to read my tweets (yes, I said tweets) in the sidebar, but you should check out these folks too (Tina Fey hasn't updated in a while, but she's funny, yo):

johnroderick She: "Do you think your life is out of control?" Me: "I don't THINK it's out of control, I PERCEIVE that it's out of control via my senses."

yowhatsthehaps You can't tell, but I'm totally giving you the bedroom eyes right now. That's what it's called when you look sleepy, right? Rowr.

rainnwilson Sign on Wendys: "Try our Premium Fish!" Me: "A) what is premium fish? B) Definitely I will, yes."

TinaFey You tell the sandwich artist "a dab of mayo" and they slather it. It's almost like they're not being paid a living wage or something.

kabesh Cherry blossoms, please wait up for Erin and Michael's wedding.

So. Twitter, hey? I'm still not sure what to think.


Jen said...

I'm glad you like John Roderick's. Minxy.

Don't forget Rob Corddry's. He is lately obsessed by his pants smelling like Italian you know, it's worth a look!

Lydia said...

That last tweet was so cute. I used to have Rainn Wilson's Twitter in my RSS feed, but I decided he was annoying. All imperative commands to his several hundred thousand followers, or religious stuff. You should follow the YLNT people.

sarah said...

I think it's obvious how much I love Twitter. I think it's funny that I don't really follow very many famous people.

I have found some very funny and clever people by browsing through the favourites tab of people I follow. Take a look at mine... there are certain people that get stars from me for almost everything they tweet.