Monday, August 03, 2009

Chilkoot Trail

Last month, Shannon and Chris hiked the Chilkoot Trail with friends from Whitehorse. I think they're the coolest.

There's something about the Klondike gold rush that moves me, but then again, it's hard not to be moved by these photos of the Chilkoot Pass:

When I was in Dawson City in 2001, I saw the film City of Gold (1957); I've embedded it here, thanks to the progressive National Film Board of Canada (its mission is the make NFB films available to all Canadians, yo). I think you should watch it. Pierre Berton narrates the story of the Klondike gold rush at its peak, when would-be prospectors struggled through harsh conditions to reach the fabled gold fields over 3000 kilometres north of civilization. Whew.

On a slightly related note, I haven't read anything by Pierre Berton, but I do have tentative plans.

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