Thursday, August 06, 2009

Making ANZAC biscuits

Because I have a new blog crush on Lottie + Doof, I made these ANZAC biscuits to prove my devotion. Just kidding. They looked easy to make, is all. And they were!

I've never been a fan of dried coconut, but it made sense in this recipe. My only complaint is that the cookies are a little too sweet, so I might fiddle with the sugars next time around.

I really want to make this caramel cake next, but I have plans to make some healthy muffins first. Bah.


Jen said...

I was considering these cookies myself! They look good! A little too sweet is usually a feature at our house...might they be suited for tea? And dipping!?

robyn. said...

i knew these tasted familiar! when alex suggested flap jacks i just went with it...but now that i know the name i realise that my australian friends make these biscuits every year on anzac day.