Sunday, August 30, 2009

Making carrot cake cupcakes

Robyn celebrated her birthday while she was in town, so we made cupcakes, naturally. This is the recipe we used: Carrot Cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting.

They were good, but I'm not sure I'd make them again. Instead, I'm more interested in making these babies: Peach Cupcakes with Brown Sugar Frosting. Yes, please.

I especially like that Smitten Kitchen says this recipe can be adapted for a breakfast muffin. If that doesn't inspire me to fulfill my tentative plans to find a quick breakfast alternative, I don't know what will.


robyn. said...

you're not sure you'd make these again?! they were heavenly! seriously great! and not terribly difficult if i remember, although there were 4 of us on the job.

brie said...


I'm going to make your black bottom cupcakes this weekend for a little get together I'm going to. I would love to do something with icing, but I don't have the equipment to make anything smooth and creamy. So, the black bottoms fit the bill! Tasty and no beaters required.

Erin said...

Brie, black bottom cupakes are always a popular treat, and they are easy to transport. Yay!

Robyn, These carrot cake cupcakes were good, but they didn't seem very memorable; I guess that's why I wouldn't bother a second time, especially when there are som many other options!

robyn. said...

maybe i love carrot cake more than you as these babies were all i talked about for days after they were gone.