Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bear lamp

If anyone happens to search "bear lamp" in Google, I really hope they end up here, because this is surely the best bear lamp around:

I bought the lamp at Bakers Dozen in Vancouver. Michael spotted it, and although I loved it, it didn't occur to me that I could buy it. Thankfully I figured it out, even though it meant I had to carry it home on the ferry.

Our bedroom is really transforming since we also bought a second dresser:

We bought it at Charmaine's in Victoria. I love that store because it reminds me of Sellution in Vancouver, where I worked for a spell a good five years ago. Those are little tin hearts from Mexico hanging about the dresser.

It was while musing about Bakers Dozen, Charmaine's and Sellution that I decided that I'd like to open a used furniture store one day. Long term tentative plans.

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Anonymous said...

Good finds! I remember coming to visit you at Sellution. That was fun. I would definitely come and visit you at your own used furniture store.

Erin C.