Thursday, April 02, 2009

I haven't named it, yet

Friends, meet my new computer:

I haven't had my very own computer for over 11 years, and the only reason why I had that first laptop was because I won it. I'm still not even sure how I won it, but the University of Alberta gave it to me, and I remember watching the complimentary Weezer video for Buddy Holly and thinking wow, technology is incredible. The computer was almost as good as a TV!

Anyway, it's 2009 and I decided to invest my tax refund in a computer/my relationship. Now I won't be annoyed with Michael when he uses his computer for work, god forbid, and he won't be annoyed with me when I take his computer to my car co-op meetings. Or when I play Scramble while he waits to watch an episode of 30 Rock. That sort of thing.*

Also, I can take more photos of this nature:

Hopefully these photos get more flattering as time goes on, but I like this one because it captures my fear of learning how to use a Mac.

*I jest.


Lydia said...

Welcome to the hive!

brie said...

I feel confident that you and the new addition will bond and share a long-lasting, beautiful and productive friendship.

Angie said...

I LOVE MY MACBOOKPRO!!!!! I know I am yelling; it's on purpose. Because I love it.


sarah said...

Erin, that photo is adorable. I can feel your ambivalence right through the screen.

nanders loves you! said...

what's scramble?

Anonymous said...

I just got a MacBook too and I love it. I've named mine Sylvia because it's so sleek and silvery. Apple offers a sweet deal: $99 for a year of 1:1 tutorials at an Apple store. I'm going to my first one tonight!

I think you have good computer karma: I recall you winning a word processor in high school.

Erin C.

Jesse Gray said...

My MacBook is named Alice. I love her most of the time. We just bought a used imac though, and I'm kind of totally in love with the big screen.

Linda said...

Reading your blog is almost like having you back at work. But not quite. Happy Wedding, E!