Sunday, April 26, 2009

More wedding photos, but still no reflection

You (Lydia) asked for more photos, and now you've got 'em.

You can find my Flickr photos here. I took some of these photos, but really we have my mom and my Uncle Stephen to thank for most of them. Shannon is going to upload some of her photos to my account in the near future, so keep your eye out for some updates.

You can find Shane's Flickr photos here. In addition to being a generous friend by letting us have our wedding in his beautiful coffee shop, he also takes a great photo, including some dance floor shots from the balcony.

You can find Lydia's Flickr photos here. Lydia was super smart and took photos of the food and decorations, which no one else thought to take. Thanks again buddy!

We didn't have a photographer, as you might have figured out, and I'm happy with that choice. That said, I'm bummed that certain people didn't turn up in more photos, especially those people that left early because their babies weren't up for the dancing. Also, our posed family photos leave something to be desired, but they are in character, and maybe that's best.

Now that I'm back on the Flickr bandwagon, we'll see about actually posting the honeymoon photos, and maybe even the Europe photos from last August. Yes, that is still on my list of tentative plans.


robyn. said...

thanks for that!

everyone looks so happy and beautiful.

did you get married on april 11th?

sarah h said...

have you thought about making a group on flickr for your wedding photos? if so, i'll add mine too!

Anonymous said...

Great snaps! I like the variety. Are you going to make some sort of an album?

Erin C.

Erin Riley said...

I took Sarah's advice and started a Flickr group for the wedding photos called Habit Wedding ( I've never made a Flickr group before, so I hope it's as easy as it seems. If you have photos that I don't know about, you can post them there!

Erin Riley said...

Yes, we got married on April 11th.

brie said...

Hurrah! Love the photos. Every time I look at them I get all cheery.