Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making a time-line with clothes pins and photos

[via Lydia Fizz]

I wrote about the time-line Michael and I were working on last month, and now that the wedding has taken place, I can show you the final product. Each photo was clipped with a little white slip of paper with the corresponding date and location. Michael and I put this together at home, numbered the photos once we got the order straight and asked our friends Sarah and Galen to put it up before the wedding. They done good!

[via Lydia Fizz]

They also hung our RSVP postcards in the same fashion. I'm not sure who came up with idea to ask for postcards in response to our invitations, but I really love how this project panned out. Sure, not everyone sent one, but the cards we did get were representative of all of our friends and family. Also, receiving cute messages during the lead up to the Big Event was good for the anticipation.


Jen said...

What this did for me, aside from documenting cuteness through the ages, was to encourage me to try a bit harder not to hate having my picture taken. It's not the worst thing ever. I love pictures of other people, or places and things, but as soon as I'm in the crosshairs, it feels like: crosshairs. Not good!

Marc hates it too, so it's an uphill battle for both of us, but I think I'm going to try and document a BIT more actively.

robyn. said...

both of these are the best ideas which i intend to steal at some point in my life. i think i've mentioned this a few times...

so simple but oh so effective.