Saturday, February 21, 2009

Look what we found on the street, one block from our house!

The lamps are a little worn, but I don't care because they have changed my life. I always knew that I needed more light in my house, but dang, lamps are expensive. It turns out I was right to wait.

Also, I made sweet and salty cookies.


brie said...

Nice. What a score. I attempted to add a few lamps around our place---mostly hanging type lamps---but it's sort of impossible to get to them to turn them on. So, we continue to live a life cloaked in semi-darkness. Meh.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a great looking lamp! I like the tinting, and the chains.

Now I'm heading over to comment about your delicious cookies.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Victorian-era lampost meets Chinese lantern, tinged with a nostalgic wash of jade green.

I think you should curl up under those lights, in a big armchair and read a Nancy Drew book. Mmm, with a couple of your cookies and a cup of my new favourite tea, Celestial Seasonings Dessert Tea. I've tried the English Toffee and the Vanilla Hazelnut and they are caffiene-free AND delicious!

Erin C.

Anonymous said...

hi bud, i like your lamp and i like your new plans too!! love nanders

Erin Riley said...

Thanks for the tea tips Erin. I could stand for a cup under those lights right about now. Yogi makes a great Vanilla Hazelnut tea too.