Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making things sweeter

I've been taking on simple projects so far this year. This one is hardly a craft, but it makes my house a little cuter, so it totally belongs on this blog.

Here's what you should do:
1. Buy a candy dish
2. Buy candy
3. Put candy in dish
4. Place dish on display

I bought this latest dish at a church yard sale for 3 dollars (a little steep, in my opinion), and I like it because of the lid. The candies are jelly babies, but I don't recommend buying this candy for your dish; it's better to buy a hard candy that you aren't likely to eat in one sitting, and better yet if it's colourful.

I'll show you where I placed my dish in a few days (seriously, I'm back in the blogging game); it was part of a larger project that involved introducing some new decor to our home.


Jesse said...

I heart candy dishes!
I got really into them over Christmas, and for our New Years' party, we bought fresh Turkish Delight and it looked so pretty. Also we had those little coloured mints shaped like twisty hershey's kisses, and hard candies also.
Now I have marbles in my candy dish because I just eat all the candy. :)


Erin said...

Yeah, you really have to strike a balance with the candy. You can't like it too much, but you have to like it enough to eat it occasionally, because a candy dish with gross candy is a real shame.