Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guest post: Making good on Christmas promises

The above quilt was my favourite part of driving to Calgary and back this Christmas. More on that later.

Hi! This Christmas I found myself making major plans, major promises in crafty output, wrapping half-finished things as teasers...phew! That led to a lot of stress, let me tell you. Lessons to be learned there. Don't set yourself up to play catch up for the month(s) following Christmas! It sort of compromises the momentum of that New Year new project mindset.

I have been busy making things, but none of them feel fresh and new! Remember that sweater I started? I'm on the second sleeve! Remember the quilt? I'm making great progress on that too! I even got my first quilting injury this weekend...some type of skin friction thing...I don't have tough thumb skin yet! It would seem I'm on the road though!

As for that quilt. It is actually one of two, and they belong to my aunt-in-law(?). When we got to their house where we stayed overnight en route to Calgary, I saw a set of bunkbeds with these amazing identical (essentially) quilts on each bunk. I love them. The fabrics are individually kind of strange/loud/unlikely, but together they create one of the home-iest quilts I've seen up close. What struck me most is how the quilts are quilted. It looked like cotton perle, in three colours, big stitches, all the way along the length of each quilt. Really something else!

When we stopped at their house on the drive home, I ran downstairs to check in on the quilts again. We had a little love affair in that basement!

PS: Check this out. HOT STUFF!


Erin said...

"The fabrics are individually kind of strange/loud/unlikely..."

You're right, but they totally work. You really need to start writing about colour theory already!

Sarah said...

I love checking out other people's family quilts so much. Especially the scrappy kind where the fabrics only work as a whole. I think something about the non-matchy fabrics seems handmade, the same way visible stitching does. Like hand-stitched, and also hand-matched. Maybe? Somehow it is really moving to me. Maybe it is that. I like this quilt photo.

Seeing fabrics that look a bit dated also makes me wonder when the current things will look dated, and which ones will have more staying power. You know? Already all the stylized nature ornaments, ikea colour palettes, etc., are very identifiable in "hip" crafts.

I wish I knew more about fabric fashion history. A lot of the prints in that photo look like tops and dresses my mum made me in kindergarten and earlier. Small flowers, lots of maroon and gold. Maybe I was a super-dated kid in the early '80s.