Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making an effort to hang them right the first time

I've had tentative plans to upgrade the items on my walls for a long time (see here and here). Thank goodness Michael spurred me into action by buying me a couple of Christmas presents from Berkley Illustration. In order to give the Bunny print and the Billy Goat print their due, we moved our famous bulletin board collage to the office (I'll post a photo soon) and took down our dusty origami mobiles. By adding photos of the family, which need filling out, the candy dishes and my beautiful new radio, we've created a lovely tableau. Don't you agree?


brie said...

I love it. I wish we had more wall space and assume that one day we will. For Sean's birthday I bought him to two duck illustrations from Berkley! So funny. Obviously we share the same very good and very refined taste. Also, nice frames.

Lydia said...

Did I ever tell you that I covet that radio? I want to find someplace I can register for a radio like that or the ones we saw at Vancouver Special that day.

Erin said...

Lydia! Let me get one of those radios for you and Kelly. We'll talk more offline.