Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Room with a view

This is the view from my new office. I have an office. Sure, I share it with another person, but still. It has a door that closes. And windows. With a lovely view.

The other thing to note in this photo is that there is snow on the ground. Even though some of it melted today, I hear we'll be getting more tonight. I love the snow, but this cold snap is a little much. 


robyn. said...

that view feels familiar but i cannot place it. where do you work?

Anonymous said...

I once had an office with a door when I worked for the provincial govt. It was a low time when I was wondering is this all there is to adulthood. I used to close the door and cry. Good times.

An office with a door would be kinda be a dream come true, now.


P.S. Have an awesome Christmas! Where will you be?

Erin Riley said...

You're looking at the back of the Parliament Buildings, Robyn.

Cheryl...crying at work is never a good thing, but at least you had an office so you could do it in private :)

We're going to Saskatoon and Prince Albert for Christmas. And you?

Anonymous said...

I dream of a door to my office! Right now I'm at a cube farm (though I've got a good one: huge window, lots of room, my own coatrack and guest chair). Sometimes I get a bit "Les Nessman" about my cubicle - knock before entering, people! I'm working here!

Glad to hear you like your new office and it is so great that you have natural light.

Erin C.
Erin C.