Friday, December 05, 2008

Fatherhood and Divorce

I've never hidden my love for Alec Baldwin (even though I've only paid him minor tribute on this blog). Still, I never expected that my affection would encourage actual Alec Baldwin gifts (now that I know different I'm going to talk about him even more).

I just recently left one government job for another (which is why I took a little break from writing), and one of my coworkers bought me A Promise to Ourselves as a goodbye present (I owe you a Christmas gift Vitaly. Do you like Alec Baldwin too?).

You should have seen my jaw drop when I opened the gift. I never planned to buy the book (since I'm neither a parent nor a divorcée), so my excitement took me by surprise. I actually have tentative plans to read it (starting with the chapter Leave a message after the tone), but for now I'll just admire the cover. He's really wearing a lot of make-up, isn't he? I prefer his look on 30 Rock.

If you don't buy the book yourself, you can learn why girls like me love Alec by reading this New Yorker article: Why me? Alec Baldwin's disappointment undimmed by success. I just want to give him a hug!


Anonymous said...

I still think that the Academy should have created a special category for best use of profanities in a motion picture and given it to Alec Baldwin for his genius work in The Departed.

Though I would have liked the cover of the book better if he'd put his big ole ugly face out there, no make-up.

Erin C.

Erin Riley said...

Yeah, he was great in the Departed, was't he? I need to watch it again.