Saturday, December 20, 2008

Making a couple of Christmas projects

I'd planned to write about these projects before Christmas, but I didn't want to ruin any Christmas surprises. What's a blogger to do? Also, by the time I had a moment to write about the gift bags and the cookbooks, I realized that a) few people were reading my blog during holiday festivities and b) even if someone did read it and was inspired by one of the projects, that someone wouldn't have time to whip up either project since it was already Christmas Eve. Oops.

So, I'm telling you about these projects on December 30, but I'm changing the official date of the post to December 20, just in case I'm looking for holiday ideas next year.

First up: cloth gift bags. I made five this year, and I plan to make more next year because they are so easy and practical. I sewed the bags from simple squares of fabric, and I finished them with yarn draw strings and cute buttons. My mom made a bunch of these bags out of festive fabrics many years ago, and they are still in rotation. Wrapping gifts with cloth bags is so simple, and the recipient still gets the pleasure of unwrapping something, without all the garbage.

I like using fabic that isn't holiday-specific because then the bags can be used year-round. The fabric I used was intended for a log cabin pillow, but it was the only thing I had on hand. I'll be making a trip to the quilting store in the near future to replenish my supply. For real, this time.

The second holiday project that you should know about is this cute little cookbook initiated by my buddy Sarah. I was one of four contributors, and I'm so happy I stayed the course and typed up some of my favourite wintery recipes. I'll post a couple of those recipes in the new year, but I also have some extra books, so let me know if you'd like a copy.

Keep weathering the winter weather, friends!


robyn. said...

i love love love my cookbook!

i'll let you know how my new years resolution to make every recipe progresses.

chavacita said...

I think I will try and find some duck tomorrow and I like the sound of the committee salad .YUM. Nice presentation - it makes me think of our g-ma's poetry books:)

Erin said...

We made the coconut yams for Christmas dinner in P.A. Delicious.