Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays

This is our seventh annual Christmas card. Phew. You can see the previous cards here and here. We didn't get too creative this year because there was no need; this picture does the work for us. If you weren't following our trip in August, you can read about our stay in Paris (including the segway tour) here.

I hope you all enjoy some festivities over the next couple of weeks. I also hope you find some relaxing moments along the way.

If you have some time on your hands, there are a couple of new posts over at Things Worth Making, and I plan to write about a couple of (modest) Christmas projects next week.

Happy Holidays!


brie said...

You know, a couple of days before receiving your card in the e-mail I had a moment of "Why haven't Erin and Michael sent their Christmas card yet, why?!?!" and then I looked up into the heavens and raised my fist and shook it. But then it came and it was adorable as usual and all was well.

Happy 2009 you two!

Erin Riley said...

Thanks Brie! Sometimes it's hard to muster creative enthusiasm at the busiest time of the year, but knowing that we put your heart at ease makes it worth the effort.