Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Holiday realities

I went to Saskatchewan for two weeks over the Christmas break. I imagined myself skiing and napping by the fireplace everyday. Instead, I spent a lot of time coordinating dates with various people. Shannon and Chris: they were only home for a week; Michael: he left for SK a week earlier than me and we spent Christmas apart, so I missed him; Imti and Raissa: it's not often that our good buddies are home at the same time as us; Baba: special time has to be set aside because Baba is best one-on-one; Michael's family: I wanted to spend more time with the Bowens because there wasn't a lot of quality time at the extended family Christmas events; Mom and Dad: these two are especially tough because they are never satisfied. Am I right Mom and Dad? Lesson learned: Christmas is not about spending time by yourself.

The good news: on our way home from a night in Prince Albert, my parents and I managed to fit in a little skiing:

I think I curled up by the fireplace when I got home.


Anonymous said...

YAY! Good to have you back guys.

Unknown said...

Had a flantastic time with you guys.
Come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy but good trip. Glad you got some skiing in - great photos!

Happy New Year, Riley girl!

Anonymous said...

Pretty girl!

Happy new year.

Erin Riley said...

You're nice. Happy new year to all of you too.