Friday, January 18, 2008

Grow your own snow

The irony is that instead of blogging, I'm supposed to be doing research for my directed reading course on blogging right now.

The following series of pictures documents the outcome of a birthday present that Shannon gave Michael last fall. It was a mysterious made-in-China gift that we threw away pretty quickly because what is it? Some kind of creepy mold?

Michael followed the instructions, pouring the mystery gel into the plastic base. The trees were thirsty. So was the mountain:
After a couple of hours we saw the first "blooms" on the "grass:"Then the trees turned pink. This is when we began to wonder what was in the mystery gel, exactly:

This is just before we put on face masks and threw the freak show away:

Thanks for the entertainment Shannon!


brie said...

I had something similar when I was a kid, but it was just the three. I never really considered that whatever made the tree bloom was something gross! Now I need to do some research.

chavacita said...

I think it would have made a great little street shrine - and then you could have had your laugh at whatever suckers decided to steal it - heheheh.

sarah said...

don't fear! i made crystal gardens as a kid, using salt and colouring. there could be a low-toxicity explanation for your little diorama.

Anonymous said...

That was so creepy. Next time, I suggest you and Michael make a papier-mache volcano. Top that, Asia!