Thursday, December 27, 2007

The making of Christmas Card 2007

Some of you know that Michael and I email our holiday greetings. It's not because we're environmentally minded or lazy. It just happened one year and now it keeps happening. Check out the "cards" from previous years here.

This year's card was inspired by my fondness for Scared of Santa photos and Michael's fondness for vampires. We wanted to stage our own Santa photo, but we weren't willing to sit on a real live Santa's lap to get it. Instead, we scoured the city for a suitable fake Santa. We found him at a furniture store on Johnson Street, and the owners didn't mind us taking photos because, well, that's what he's there for. I'm not sure if they saw us put our vampire teeth in. We roped Sarah H into our schemes when we convinced her to take the photos after coffee a few weeks back. She was a little skittish (so was I), but she captured some great moments. Thanks Sarah!

I tried the vampire teeth on for some of the photos:

But I preferred one vampire and one scaredy cat:

This was the final product:

We didn't get too many comments after Michael and I sent this out from Saskatoon. Maybe people were weirded out by the fangs? I'm ok with that.

If I didn't send the card to you, I hope you had a great holiday too. I just don't have your email address.


sarah said...

Well I, for one, thought it was genius! And I'm not just saying that because I took the picture. I like what you did with the image..santa looks a little naive. He thinks he is immune to vampires and other scary creatures...but look out, santa, you'll get yours!

Happy holidays, kids!

Anonymous said...

Hey there lady,

Um, this one didn't really do much for me, though I kind of like its pulp fiction dimestore novel look. What will our heroine do?! I still love the jumping in the air bread basket one, closely followed by the rollercoaster one!

Hope you two had a good time chilling in Saskaboom.

Erin C.