Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A is for Anarchy

I'm happy. I finished my last exam AND I got a great grade on my anarchy essay. While you aren't familiar with my professor, Dr. James Tully, he's sort of a big deal in my political science world, and an A from him means a lot to me. Keep in mind that I view my university degree as one big hoop that I have to jump through, so the fact that I value this grade is significant. Also, it's worth noting that I have been avoiding political theory classes for years because philosophy isn't my thing; I finally took this class because I need it to graduate, and I fully expected my grades to drop.

Here are his comments from my essay:

"This is a very good and ambitious essay on Kropotkin in relation to Kant, Mill and Marx. The main section is very well researched beyond the text of the course. The whole is well organized and the main themes [human progress and its relationship to struggle and cooperation] are clearly set out and argued for in the course of the essay. It is really the central question of 19th Century philosophy."

I understand 19th Century philosophy! It was never a goal of mine, but I'll take it!


MikeB said...

Nice work Erin! Way to show those theorists who's boss. See you soon!!

robyn. said...

well done! you're so clever.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Erin. It always means so much to have compliments from people you respect.

Erin C.

brie said...

Amazing! I must say that I am impressed with his comments.

One of the group projects that I got back said "Your letter is missing some essential elements" and that is all it said. I don't know which ones she's referring to. When we double-checked the letter it seemed to have all the essential elements...Anyhow, I'm glad that at least one of us got some actual constructive and logical feedback!

Erin Riley said...

Thanks for putting up with my school talk!