Thursday, July 20, 2006

Smoothies break my fast

I’ve always been a strong proponent of the importance of breakfast: if food is fuel for our bodies, I’m pretty sure we should have some before we start the day. My gut tells me this is true. Science too.

Over the years I’ve eaten a range of breakfast foods: Life cereal, Lucky Charms (it’s hard for me to admit that), toast with bananas and peanut butter, whole wheat sesame bagels with a slice of cheese, Nature’s Path cereal with soy milk, et cetera. Sometimes I would indulge in wheat-free toaster waffles and maple syrup and, of course, naughty brunch goodness on weekends.

The “diet” that I’m currently following suggests that I drink a smoothie for breakfast, and I want to share how pleased I am with this meal choice. My smoothies are made up of almond milk, berries of some sort, half a frozen banana, 4 tbsp ground flax seed, and 4 tbsp hemp hearts (seeds); I’ve also added fresh mint on luxurious occasions. I just find the smoothie a satisfying start to the day, and I’m not usually hungry before noon (except today, when I was ravenous at 11). Also it’s healthy.

Shannon sent me a couple of recipe ideas today, which I will definitely try out. One blends banana, almond/soy/oat milk, blueberries and 1 tbsp tahini. The other combines banana, milk of your choice, and 1 tbsp molasses. I'm finding there are many options for the discerning palate.

I just wish my blender wasn’t so loud first thing in the morning.


Anonymous said...

I tried posting this earlier, but it didn't get through. Apologies if you have to read it twice....

"Palate", sweetie.

Smoothies are great, but I've had a hard time drinking or eating anything milky since deciding I was lactose intolerant. I know there are alternatives like soy, but I just can't get into the habit.

A couple of years ago I went through a phase of drinking fresh carrot juice every morning. But it was noisy, messy, and just not worth it for something that isn't even very tasty.

Your recipes sound delish however, and I can't wait to tell my mom so she can make me one tomorrow. She's been bringing me fresh fruit every morning - today was papaya and blueberries. Now all she has to do is add some soy milk and blend.

Erin Riley said...

i liked my way of spelling it better, but i changed it just to please you, imti.

michael and i were walking behind a family yesterday, and these two kids were naming their new toy dogs. the uncreative one named hers bow-wow, but her brother, obviously very bright, named his pimpti. i actually didn't hear this all go down, but michael made a big deal about it afterwards. hey, i give credit where credit is due.

robyn. said...

smoothies rock the house. back in the homeland i had one almost every morning. but now...i don't. when i first moved to england i decided not to buy anything major as "i'm only staying for a year or 2" and it would be a bad investment. a blender was considered major. but if i had just bloody bought one 5 years ago i'd be drinking fabulous smoothies every day. hmmmmm. i'd buy one tomorrow if i wasn't coming home for a large chunk of time.