Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Family bonding

My americano (with soy milk!) is sitting loyally beside my computer, CBC radio is buzzing in my ears, and I have a moment to post a few pictures on my blog. Life is good. I've been taking it easy the last few days, hunkering down in my cool apartment with a good book (Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris) and some good TV shows (My Name is Earl and Strangers With Candy). My horoscope told me to hibernate and I did. Also, my family wore me out with their summer visits, and I needed to be lazy for a spell.

These are my folks David and Darlene. Michael and I had one day off while they were here, so we took advantage and went to Salt Spring Island for a whirlwind tour. So far Hornby Island is my favorite of all the islands. Salt Spring was ok, but I think it's a little big, really. However, I really enjoyed the multiple lakes for swimming, and I successfully convinced my mom and Michael to join me for a dip in Cusheon Lake. I wish you could have seen my mom's face as she inched her way into the water, which wasn't as cold as she made it seem. The snarl on her face reminded me of the grimace I make when I have to drink my evil, herbal supplements. I'm sure she wishes she could be in the lake right now, though; my parents are visiting Shannon in San Francisco, which is currently surfing a heat wave.

This is the view that we're blocking in the first picture. We drove to the top of Mount Maxwell on Salt Spring, and even though there were some nervous moments due to the state of the road, the view was worth it, as you can see. However, we were promised eagles and vultures and we didn't see any, so don't believe the hype.

This is my uncle Stephen and the horrendous car he had to rent during his visit. He's upset about the size of the windows, which don't allow the driver to see much of anything. He got Michael pretty worked up about it too. Stephen was visiting from Ireland and we're sad that he had to go home. He's currently reading one of my favorite books (Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates by Tom Robbins) and I've asked him to write me some comments on it, a book report if you will, which I may post on this blog (if his writing is up to par). I'll ask my dad to do the same because he just happens to be reading the same book. They must be brothers.


sarah said...


I'm so excited that you are reading that book! It is one of my very favourites. (Along with Me Talk Pretty One Day and the Klosterman books.)

I'm glad you had some good family time. We all need that once in awhile.

PS: The message you left on the voicemail the other day was super cute.

PPS: Thanks for the birthday shout out! It was pretty good times. My mom got me a mango cheesecake. Yummmmm.

Lydia said...

i really like the pictures, especially michael's expression in the last one. he has the best picture faces.

Anonymous said...

Did you love Strangers with Candy? We'll have to go see the movie if it comes to Cinacenta. It is too hilarious. I liked reading your family update. Your uncle and Michael are so cute together...they look like they've been to the pub for a few pints or something.

Anonymous said...

i wonder if it is even possible for you four to look any better in a photo. i'm gonna place some bets on it and say it ain't possible.

i like the way you are with your family, erin. you don't get savagely impatient whenever your parents ask even the simplest question, like the rest of us do. you all know what i'm talking about.

Erin Riley said...

jillian - i think my parents will get a kick out of your comment. i get impatient too - especially when i'm trying to organize everyone. it's what kids do. we're ungrateful brats.

sarah (mundy? - i know too many sarahs!) - yes, i wanna see the movie! i was briefly sad that i wasn't living in vancouver when it didn't come here right away, but i've sucked it up.

Erin Riley said...

i should explain that i can't click on sarah mundy's (if it is indeed herself) link at work, to confirm her identity, because her blog is apparently banned by the ministry of agriculture. doesn't that make you want to read it??

Anonymous said...

This is why I need a good nickname. None of those comments were me! (But I do like Strangers with Candy, so close enough?)

Erin Riley said...

oh the confusion. i think that was the first comment from sarah hunt (right on!), also in victoria, and like i say, i was scared to click on the link because i get this evil red screen when i've tried to access a banned site. apparently i'll be reprimanded if it happens three times, and i already have one strike. i feel like big brother is watching me.

Erin Riley said...

one more thing. erin riley is quite a common name, it turns out, and when i was googling myself one day (while bored at work) i found a blog with a post titled "will the real erin riley please stand up." fitting.

Anonymous said...

Loved Me Talk Pretty One Day and started watching Strangers With Candy last year too. I'm torn between wishing my family was as dysfuntional as the Sedaris' (for the sake of humour) or as wonderful as the Riley's (for obvious reasons). In reality my family leans more towards the dysfunctional - without the least bit of humour. I've become so savagely impatient with my family since coming back (2! months ago), so much so that I try to limit my interactions with my father to 5 minutes (or less) a day. But this blog is about your family and not mine, so I'll just say that I love that first picture - you all look so cute! And it sounds like you had a fantastic time.

Think you could ask your parents if I can live with them for awhile?

Lydia said...

i can tell you that the first sarah was robinson. doesn't the web address at least show up?

you know who else bans blogspot blogs? COMMUNIST CHINA.

i too love everything sedaris, and just watched some episodes of 'strangers with candy' for the first time ever. Also, i totally know what jillian is talking about.