Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shiny people

On Sunday, Michael and I arrived home after a little summer holiday. Our first stop was Toronto, which we've been planning to visit for a few years now. Michael had never been, and I'd only had limited exposure during a high school choir trip in 1996. We went to see our buddies Jillian and Erin, and now we know the city inside out. No, but really. I never knew where I was, despite Jillian's attempts to drill a sense of direction into me (I might be able to find my way to Queen Street West, though). These photos were taken on the Toronto Island ferry, which was as hot as it looks, but worth the temporary discomfort. We got to spend the day in a park (big enough to absorb all of the Toronto families escaping the steaming city) with a picnic, popsicles and a quadracycle.


brie said...

You all wear the heat well. In fact, you're all practically glowing. If that were me you'd see a frazzled and frizzy mess. I envy your glow!

Were you riding/driving the quadracycle???!!!

Erin Coulter said...

That was a fun day. I would say we all look dewy.