Thursday, March 04, 2010

Moving house

We moved two apartments into our new house in one day.

Aside from the aching muscles, moving was the easy part. Who can complain when one of our helpers (i.e. Jen's mom) made our beds for us?

The hard part is unpacking. It's almost as difficult as the packing, but - thankfully - without the deadlines.

At least we have some boxes like this to keep us going. I'm itching to show you some actual photos of the house, but I want to wait until we have a few more boxes unpacked.


Erin said...

Good thing you moved the whiskey box by yourselves; if you'd hired movers, guaranteed that box would have been "lost in transit"!

Hope the set-up is going well. Is it hard combining two households worth of dishes and housewares?

Erin said...

Our stuff is pretty complementary, so it hasn't been too tricky. I think it would be harder to combine households once you're more established.