Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Making an indoor garden

Our new house has a window box in the kitchen, so we were obliged to start a herb garden, obviously. That beautiful basil plant in the back was from Ananda, but the rest -- pots and soil included -- were financed by my parents. I bought and planted the herbs a few weeks back, and they look (and taste) happy their new home.

I started with sage, oregano, thyme, basil and parsley. Since we already have rosemary in the yard, I think I'll add mint, cilantro and more basil in the future.

We've always had house plants, but I don't have any experience gardening, per se. Aside from a few herbs and a honeysuckle on our deck in Vancouver, Michael and I haven't grown anything outdoors.

While these herbs are in our kitchen, they are the precursor to our outside projects: namely, greens in the garden and tomatoes and strawberries on the deck. I suppose we'll have to get started on those in the near future, what with it being spring and all.


brie said...

Lovely! I'm planning on planting some herbs at my new place, too. But they'll have to go on the balcony because there is no room in the kitchen. I hope they survive both me and the weather!

robyn. said...

i suggest growing courgette too. it grows super fast and gives lots of small yummy veg. you can also make some pretty fancy recipes with the blossoms. the plant has huge leaves though so it needs some room but happily grows in large pots on my garden patch.