Friday, September 26, 2008

Making tentative plans

While I haven't been producing much lately, I HAVE been making tentative plans to make things. Marshmallows, to be exact.

First, Emily at Inside a Black Apple featured these in a cup of hot chocolate. They look unbelievable.

Then, I found the smores pictured above at my local grocery store. The smores were tasty (and pretty), but they inspired me to make my own marshmallow treats, more than anything else.

Side note: I've had plans to check out Butter Baked Goods since Lydia at I ate the Lotus told me about it, but I never make my way over to Dunbar when I'm in Vancouver. I lived on Dunbar in 1999, and I didn't think it was so far away from everything. It's far away from everything.

Anyway, I've checked out plenty of marshmallow recipes, including the Martha Stewart recipe that Emily used, but I have yet to find a gelatin-free recipe. Is gelatin really that magical?


brie said...

Next time I'm in Victoria I've got to buy some of those S'mores! Also, I'm happy to taste-test any marshmallow creations for you. I'm hoping to be on the island sometime in early November, so if you need a hand making treats I can make myself available.

sarah said...

I know there are vegan marshmallow recipes out there, but I don't know what they use instead of gelatin. Carageenan? Am I crazy?

robyn. said...

you can get vegetarian gelatin in england but i don't have any left to check the ingredients. you must be able to get it in victoria. surely you can substitute vegetarian gelatin in for animal gelatin in your marshmallow goodness?

keeps us posted!

Erin said...

I shall keep you posted.

Brie, if you can't make it over to Dunbar for the smores either, you can find Butter treats at Capers. Or we can eat them together when you visit.

Zoe said...

And what, may I ask, do you have against Gelatin?

Is is the whole "pigs feet" thing? Is that even true? ... Quick wikipedia check confirms that pigs are often involved; however, it is not their feet, but their skin, that is used.

Also, there was a note about Kosher gelatin possibly being made from vegetable sources, and I bet you could find some of that around here, if it was the whole pig thing that was buggin' ya in the first place.

Lydia said...

Chocolate mint smores wtf?! Smores have been my favourite since I went camping. I am totally going to Capers tomorrow. I haven't been back to Butter since my one visit, which I can't believe.