Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is where I use my blog to record some lists of things that Michael and I don't want to forget about our holiday. It seemed like a natural place to put them.

Top culinary experiences:

  • Cappuccinos and croissants (fresh from the oven) in Porlezza
  • Gelati in Italy, but especially the fondente and meringa gelati in Bellagio
  • Meat plate with Holly and Corrado in Menaggio (see photo in previous post)
  • Cheese plate and carpaccio at Open Bar in Florence (see photo in previous post)
  • Pizza from Bella 'Mbriana in Lucca
  • Fig granita from Il Pirate Cafe in Vernazza (see photo in previous post)
  • Falafel from Mi-va-mi in Paris (with egg plant!) (thanks Sarah M)

Top revelations:

  • Jet lag sucks
  • Hipsters are global
  • We like the beach
  • The mayor of Paris is awesome
  • We are fond of Italian dining rituals
  • Michael looks Irish
  • Public displays of affection are very common in Italy
  • European women are that sophisticated
  • The Eiffel Tower is cool

Top overall moments:

  • Playing board games in Portrush
  • Ringing the bell in Porlezza
  • Discovering Siena
  • Seeing David in Florence
  • Biking in Lucca
  • Getting to and swimming at the nude beach near Corniglia
  • Lounging at the Alassio beach
  • Exploring the Marais
  • Riding a Segway

Things that worked out:

  • Booking.com (all of our hotels were amazing)
  • Rick Steves (we used this guide book in Italy, and I LOVED it)
  • Back packs instead of rolling suit cases
  • GPS for driving in Northern Ireland
  • Small camera (easy to carry in your pocket)
  • Easy reading (I chose The Golden Compass and Watership Down)
  • Audio books on my iPod
  • Putting thought into wardrobe (we weren't fashionable Europeans, but we were prepared for rain and sun)
  • Cydwoq shoes (my feet were happy!)
  • Booking museums in advance (we snubbed the lines in Florence and Paris)
  • Learning about some history before the trip (Michael taught me about the Renaissance)
  • Securing Jen as a house sitter (we didn't get evicted when our rent cheque bounced)

Things we would do differently next time:

  • Bring a big memory card for the camera (instead of a second camera)
  • Throw some modern art into the mix
  • Bring a hand-held Internet device
  • Stay for a minimum of three nights in each destination
  • Fly with an established airline
  • Eat before famished
  • Sort out bank accounts before travel


brie said...

It sounds like you had an amazing time. And you've pretty much convinced me to add Italy to my "to visit" list---mainly with the pictures of the food.

Anonymous said...

"Eat before famished." Wow. Thinking back, that has always been an accurate measure of my trip satisfaction. Also: no wet feet. Sounds like you had that covered. Thanks for the food list especially-- I might put that to use!

robyn. said...

michael does look irish.

i discovered the glory of GPS while i was driving in scotland this summer. fun!

what a grand trip you had.